Surrounded by nature and serene environment for meditation.
Welcome to Hotel Metteyye residency

Surrounded by nature and serene environment for meditation.

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Welcome to Hotel Metteyye Residency

About Us

We are a property of 36 rooms, with a banquet hall, restaurant , conference hall and a lawn, situated at Buddha marg, Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh. Each room is well equipped with all the modern amenities like, digital door lock, centralized air-conditioning, cable television, mini refrigerator, in room tea -coffee facilities, bathtubs, shower, hot water, etc. Each room has its own private balcony for the guests to relax and enjoy the view.



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Meditation Area

We prioritize your well-being by space for storing and accessing medications

Digital Door Lock

Experience modern convenience and enhanced security with our Digital Door Lock system.


Unwind and rejuvenate in the comfort of your room, where a soothing bath awaits.

Cable Television

Experience entertainment at your fingertips with our cable television service.

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We have various packages like weekend getaways, back to the village, educational tours, etc . For further details kindly contact the numbers mentioned.

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A refined luxury hotel
We are surrounded by village

We are surrounded by village

Nestled in the serene and historically important village "Aniruddhawa", named after one of the disciples of Lord Gautam Buddha , Hotel Metteyye Residency is just a walking distance away from the holiest sites like "Ramabhar Stupa" (where Gautam Buddha was cremated), "Hiranyawati" river, Mahaparinirvan temple, Matha Kuar Shrine, Relic Distribution site, Thai Temple and other monasteries.

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